A Glimpse About Us

European Industrial Traders (EIT Lebanon) is a glazing, wood, and metal works provider specializing in the design, manufacturing and installation of glass, aluminium, wood, steel and stainless steel structures and systems.

With an industry presence of over 30 years and an international clientele spanning over 3 continents, EIT Lebanon has carved a niche for itself, sub-contracting in the building and engineering sectors in general, and the aluminium, glass, wood and steel industries in particular.

Aided by a combination of design prowess, quality consciousness, and customer-centric values, we have evolved over the years from being a single manufacturing facility in Lebanon, to feature among the leading construction enterprises in the Middle East.

EIT Lebanon is headquartered in Tripoli, with branches in downtown Beirut (currently closed due to Beirut blast), Dbayeh, Jounieh, and soon in Byblos, and we are also fully operational in Germany, Turkey and the Ukraine.

Today, our manufacturing operations are executed at a state-of-the-art facility housed in a sprawling 15,000sqm seafront property in Kalamoun, Tripoli, where we design and fabricate superior quality aluminium cladding, custom wood designs, framing systems, curtain walls, doors and windows, a range of innovative and high performance glazing systems, and both decorative and functional wood and steel structures and partitions.

Moreover, our extended sub-contracting expertise manifests in the countless turnkey projects implemented by us across the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. These projects range in scale from large institutional complexes, shopping malls, hotels, and resorts, all the way to individual residences and retail units.

From our debut as a member of the European Industrial Traders Group of Industrial, Commercial and Financial companies, we have committed ourselves to excellence and the highest standards of quality, innovation and professionalism.

We have since established ourselves as key players in the construction market and leaders in the manufacturing industry, emphasizing on staying up to date with industry advancements that help shape the future of architecture and engineering, while working diligently on raising the bar of quality and safety standards, and guiding the manufacturing and construction industries to a future of responsible innovation.

Our Story

EIT Lebanon began operations in 1990, as the architectural aluminium and glass manufacturing unit for the European Industrial Traders Group, a multinational group of industrial, commercial and financial companies.

Over time, we expanded our scope of work to include complete contracting services, undertaking turnkey construction projects and providing everything from design, to shop drawings, to fabrication and installation of our metal and glazing systems.

Today, our manufacturing facility is housed in a sprawling 15000sqm seafront property in Kalamoun, Tripoli. It is home to some of the latest equipment and technologies for the processing, fabrication, and testing of our aluminium, glass, and steel products.

Among these are sophisticated glass tempering furnaces powered by SIEMENS, insulating and laminating lines, autoclaves for bulletproof glass production, and a wide range of bevelling, edging, sandblasting, fusing and glass washing machines.

In parallel, all our projects and activities are coordinated from our offices in Kalamoun, Tripoli. From there, our dedicated departments for planning, procurement, contracts, administration, safety and quality control work in collaboration to ensure that all our business operations are conducted with the strictest adherence to quality.

EIT Lebanon’s journey so far makes for a success story that spans a quarter of a century. Over the past 30 years, our company has grown from being a single manufacturing facility in Lebanon, to one of the key players in the construction market.

Today, our innovative glazing and metal systems find place in major hotels, shopping malls and housing complexes worldwide. And our sophisticated engineering technologies and quality inspection procedures serve as the benchmark for new manufacturing enterprises across the globe.

We've grown from being a single manufacturing facility in Lebanon, to one of the regional key players in the construction market.


At EIT Lebanon, we consider staying up to date with industry advancements just a little short of ideal. Instead, we aspire to go a step ahead and work towards developing products and standards that can shape the future of architecture and engineering.

Armed with this vision, we aim to develop materials, technologies, professional development programs and quality assurance standards that can guide the manufacturing and construction industries to a future of responsible innovation. We also aim to make our products and services available across global markets, raising the bar for quality and safety standards, and establishing our presence as one of the leaders in the manufacturing industry.


The future that EIT Lebanon has envisioned for architecture and engineering, can only be realized through hard work and a commitment to excellence. As such, we strive to ensure that every aspect of our work reflects the highest standards of quality, innovation and professionalism.

We are committed to completing our projects on time, and in accordance with the expectations and requirements of our customers. We also endeavor to go the extra mile to execute complex designs to perfection.

To this end, we are always at work on monitoring and improving our manufacturing processes, technical know-how, and project management techniques.

We function as a family,upholding a culture ofcollaboration, teamwork, and mutual support.

Our Team And Partners

The global success of EIT Lebanon has resulted not only from the superior quality of our products and services, but also from our focus on customer satisfaction. To this end, we’ve built a team of trained and experienced project managers, engineers, designers, labor, administrative staff and customer service personnel, who bring a high level of expertise and professionalism to each interaction with our clients, ensuring that their requirements and expectations are met at all times.

With so much of our success as a company relying on our staff, their interests and safety are woven into our approach and policies. As such, EIT Lebanon functions as a family, upholding a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and mutual support.

With the same spirit of cooperation, we have worked in association with the other branches of the EIT Group, and contributed to the establishment of the European Industrial Manufacturing Company (EIM) in Accra, Ghana, in 2012. EIM Ghana partners with us in our large scale contracts for shopping malls, hotels, and resorts, offering speedy fabrication of top-of-the-line glass, aluminium and PVC system.

Our focus is always ondelivering the very best.

Our Values, Policies, & Quality Assurance

At EIT Lebanon, the people we work with are very important to us. We strive to be transparent, open, and responsible in our relationships with our customers, partners and team members.

Training and development programs for our staff are a regular feature in our calendars, and our policies always remain sensitive to the welfare of our employees.

Our offices and manufacturing facilities meet the highest standards of personal and environmental safety, and are constantly assessed for possible improvements. We also take adequate measures to ensure that our operations do not compromise the health and well-being of the communities we work in proximity with.

In essence, the EIT Lebanon mission revolves around achieving total quality. Be it through cutting edge engineering, creative design solutions, or environment and safety conscious approaches, our focus is always on delivering the very best. It is through this promise of quality assurance that we aim to cement our presence as a leader in the manufacturing industry.