At EIT, we manufacture metal and glazing components and systems, in both standard configurations and tailored designs to fit the varied requirements of our clients.

With our aluminium, glass, steel and ACP production divisions housed under one roof, we can not only fabricate independent metal and glass products, but also develop customized architectural and structural systems using a combination of these materials.

Among these are aluminium glazed facades, aluminium roofing systems with steel supports, and a variety of building entrances, partitions, fenestrations and balustrades built in metal and glass.

Glass & Glazing Products

Aluminium Products

Steel & Stainless Steel Products

Aluminium Composite Panels

Wood Products

Glass and glazing products

EIT Lebanon’s glass production division manufactures high performance glazing products for architectural and engineering applications.

We offer tempered (heat strengthened) glass in both flat and custom-bent shapes, thus catering to complex building facades and canopies.

Also included in our range of heavy-duty architectural glazing are blended (bulletproof) glass, and laminated (sandwiched) glass, both of which are ideal for providing buildings with additional security. We also offer custom glazing solutions for soundproofing, thermal insulation and UV protection.

Our products find their way into custom-built glass storefronts, entrances and curtain walls for a number of shopping malls, resorts and high rise buildings. They also feature in smaller construction projects, in the form of insulating glass units (IGUs), glass balustrades, custom doors, windows and decorative glass screens.

Aluminium Products

The aluminium production division at EIT Lebanon manufactures both standard and custom-built aluminium products. Among our mass produced items are high quality aluminium profiles for building facades, structural members for canopies, and frames for doors and windows.

In addition to this, we design and build customized aluminium curtain walls (conventional, structurally glazed and unitized) for commercial and institutional buildings.

We also develop lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant aluminium roofing systems, in the form of domes, pergolas and canopies of complex shapes and varied proportions.

Also included in our range of aluminium products are hinged and sliding doors and windows, and a variety of skylights, louvers and screens. We can supply these in standard sizes, or fabricate them according to the specific requirements of a construction project.

Steel and stainless steel products

EIT Lebanon’s steel and stainless steel manufacturing unit fabricates a variety of metal works for architectural and structural uses.

We can develop custom steel assemblies to support our aluminium glazed roofing systems and canopies.

At the same time, we can supply our clients with independent steel skylights, partitions and balustrades to suit their requirements.

We also offer a wide variety of decorative stainless steel fixtures and accessories that find use in both residential and commercial interiors.

Aluminium composite panels (ACP)

Aluminium composite panels (ACPs) form a key component of EIT Lebanon’s façade engineering solutions. These panels are designed for both exterior and interior purposes, and in accordance with our clients’ aesthetic, functional and maintenance criteria.

As such, we not only offer a variety of colors, sizes and finish options, but also develop composite panels that are fire retardant, moisture proof and abrasion resistant.

Wood products

EIT Lebanon’s wood manufacturing and construction division represents the latest addition to our range of products and services.

We handle large-scale production of milled wooden elements for architectural purposes, ranging from doors, windows and cabinets, to wooden panelling, flooring and false ceilings, to decorative wooden cornices, handrails and trims, to timber staircases, roofing systems and pergolas.

In addition to this, we also undertake independent woodworking contracts, developing high-quality customized furniture and wood-based interiors for both residential and commercial projects.