EIT Lebanon has successfully provided metal and glazing solutions to engineering and construction projects across Africa, Europe and Asia. These take the shape of building envelopes, complex roofing systems, skylights and canopies for prominent shopping malls, beach resorts and high-rise office buildings, all the way to glazing, balustrades and partitions for individual showrooms, storefronts and residential buildings.

The following is an overview of our portfolio of work, showcasing some glimpses of our under construction and completed projects.

Center Gabriel

Shopping Center
Amyoun, Lebanon

Guias Boutique Hotel

Jbeil, Lebanon

Villa Deddeh

Residential Villa
Deddeh, Lebanon

Villa Adma

Residential Villa
Adma, Lebanon

Villa Ahmad Ayoubi

Residential Villa
Tripoli, Lebanon

Villa Fawzi Khayrallah

Residential Villa
Rasenhash , Lebanon

Villa Houssam Chahal

Residential Villa
Rasmaska, Lebanon

Villa Rony Mastoury

Residential Villa
Chekka, Lebanon